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areas of focus

Unum works with youth, women, First Nations/Metis/Indigenous (FMNI) communities, and disadvantaged individuals/populations to deliver programs and provide services in the following areas.


Personal Development

Workshops and experiential learning opportunities focused on areas such as personal identity, self-discovery, curiosity and creativity, physical literacy, and overall health and wellness. Outcomes: Building confidence and self esteem.



Funding for continuing education and training as well as connecting individuals and communities to traditional and non-traditional educational opportunities. Outcomes: Increased access to education, knowledge acquisition, and skill training.



Connecting individuals and groups with traditional and non-traditional educational opportunities, employment options, and experiential learning opportunities.  Outcomes: Access to education, employment opportunities, and income-generating activities.


Employability Enhancement

Transfer of skill attainment to employment opportunities. Outcomes: Increased opportunities for employment in income generation.


Small Enterprise Creation

Support for small business start-ups, co-ops, and social entrepreneurship. Outcomes: Increases opportunities for income generation through applied skills and abilities.


Infrastructure and Capital Support

Funding for capital projects directly related to teaching and learning initiatives. Outcomes: Improvements to infrastructure to better support the educational needs of students and communities.



Developing networks of people and communities, leveraging their collective strengths, actively engaging in their own growth and development while role modeling positive behaviours for their respective communities. Outcomes: Leadership development, networking, and capacity building.

guiding principles


Our approach is one of being responsive to the needs of the people and communities we work with and to be respectful of existing cultural norms and social structures.



We strive to be effective in terms of achieving the stated goals of our projects and therefore, make a tangible difference to those we serve.  


Through extensive monitoring and evaluation, we will communicate all aspects of our projects to our members, our donors, the community at large.


our approach

Through facilitated workshops and experiential learning programs, our approach is focused on knowledge transfer with the purpose of building capacity. This holistic approach ensures that the information one receives is appropriate and sensitive to individual needs and cultural norms while laying the foundation for sustainable personal growth and development. All Unum Society projects and programs have clearly stated learning outcomes and goals, and are diligently monitored and evaluated for their impact, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Our approach is based on the following four pillars:


Develop confidence and build self-esteem through self-discovery and a clear sense of identity.


Learn new skills and enhance abilities through education, training, and/or experiential learning.


Gain employment or start a small business, generating income and participating in the economy.


Learn valuable leadership skills and become

an advocate for your

community while mentoring others to do the same.

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