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unum is a Latin word meaning one

one Cause. one Community.

Simply put, our cause is that of creating transformational experiences that increase our capacity to create positive change. Change that starts from within. Change that can transform a community or even a country. One person, with one idea, can change the world… or simply change a community. It all starts with the power of one.


Our mission is to provide educational programs, services, and funding to underprivileged and under served communities as well as disadvantaged individuals. These programs and services focus on themes related to accessibility to education, gender equity and female empowerment, global citizenship, as well as healthy, active living. Unum is a fully incorporated not-for-profit organization as recognized by the Government of Canada (Corporation number 1127940-8).



Unum’s vision is to be a vehicle for people, causes, organizations, and communities to connect and transform the world around us into a place of peace, opportunity, acceptance, and purpose through a holistic and experiential approach to learning.


Our overarching purpose is to create transformational experiences while contributing to the well being and success of a person, a community, or a cause.

our founders



Joe Danis has spent over 20 years of his life working to improve the world around him. For Joe, inspiration lies in fostering strong communities while empowering others to experience the power of community and contribution firsthand.

It was during his time as a student at the University of Winnipeg when Joe found he had a responsibility as an individual to contribute to the world around him. While studying International Development and Conflict Resolution, he was chosen to participate in a service learning program in Bangladesh. While the education benefits were clear, he was also amazed how the experience shaped him as an individual – learning more groundedness and empathy for global communities.

After graduating, Joe became the Director of Housing and Student Life at his alma mater, and took special interest in providing others similar learning opportunities he had. As Joe’s career shifted to the University of Manitoba, he created Praxis, an initiative to promote community outreach, service learning and social justice among University of Manitoba students. In 2005, he received the University of Manitoba Outreach Award for his development and implementation of Praxis. Through his initiatives, he has created several successful service learning programs in countries such as Bangladesh, El Salvador, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Joe also created several local initiatives at the University including the Reading Buddies program which connected university students with children in Winnipeg’s core. This program received the prestigious City of Winnipeg’s Mayor’s Award for Volunteerism.

Over the years, Joe has received a multitude of opportunities to speak candidly on his passions as they relate to the importance of contribution, connection, and compassion. He speaks to the value of leadership, innovation, and purpose as avenues to building healthy and diverse communities and successful teams. Joe has since identified his calling to be ‘connecting people to experiences and opportunities’. Humbled by his experiences across the globe and throughout his career, Joe still maintains that critical reflection must be a part of the human experience in order to ensure continuous personal growth and instill a true sense of connection to the communities he serves.

Joe is currently the Vice-President of Student Affairs & Organizational Development at Campus Living Centres and resides in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada with his wife Pam and their two children Maya and Luc.



Pam Danis considers herself a MASTER CONNECTOR, who loves to seek out those with unique and creative spirits, bringing people together to create memorable experiences. Pam is a former basketball star, a three-time national champion, and an educator who specializes in teaching young people the value of creative play and active living. As a Physical Literacy specialist, she is consistently seeking new and innovative ways to engage participants and create an environment based on fun, inclusion, and personal growth. Pam is a master facilitator whose energy and passion is contagious and inspiring.

At her core, Pam sees empowering others as fundamental to her everyday existence. She is passionate about the role women play in our world and often finds herself advocating for women through sport and active living. From her experiences of creating a “Running with the Bison” outreach program for indigenous youth at the Skownan First Nation, to leading the Women’s Basketball Coaching Association’s annual “SHOOT FOR THE CURE” initiative, she continually embraces opportunities to grow, develop, and engage not only herself, but those around her. For her efforts in these areas, Pam was awarded the University of Manitoba’s annual outreach award in 2008.

In her down-time she enjoys spending time with her family, keeping her grounded and humble. As a wife, mother, friend, peer and mentor Pam plays many roles; roles she sees not as separate entities but complimentary of each other. She strives on a daily basis to be the best that she can be in all these roles, however in her 40 plus years of living on this earth she recognizes that “I cannot be everything to everyone all the time and that sometimes I will fail and that is OK.” This confident yet humble approach to life, coupled with Pam’s tremendous passion and energy, sets her apart as a mentor and role model for young women everywhere. Recently, Pam was awarded the 2017 Leading Women, Building Communities Recognition Certificate by the Honourable Indira Naidoo-Harris, Minister for the Status of Women of the Ontario Provincial Government.

Pam completed her Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Winnipeg and has taught in both the public and independent schools systems. As an athlete, Pam is a three-time National Champion, leading the University of Winnipeg Wesmen as their point guard and captain from 1992 to 1995 and was an inductee into the Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame (team category) in 1997. She was also the women’s basketball coach at the University of Manitoba and member of the Faculty of Kinesiology from 2000 to 2012. Pam currently resides in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada with her husband Joe and two children Maya and Luc, and of course her dog, Chepe.

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