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Slow Down. Breathe. Connect. Love. (PART 1)

I recall one late afternoon as we gathered up the resin lawn chairs and slowly made our way down the short path to the beach. It’s a ritual I have been fortunate enough to experience many times in my life. But this time was different. As the sun was coming around the small peninsula readying itself to rest for the night, we chose our usual spot close to a tree and an old piece of driftwood that serves as our footrest. With a glass of wine in hand, we swing our chairs into place and make small talk as we settle in for the show. One of the most amazing shows we get to experience as human beings. The sun slowly making it’s way closer to the horizon as it’s about to be swallowed up by the warm waters of the ocean. Our movements getting slower and our tones more subdued. As we sit I realize I am the only one talking. Chacha, Pili, Ligia, and Jose have all softened their gaze, brows unfurled, their breath slowing down as they drift into an almost meditative state as we watch the sun set on another magical day. I realize at this point that talking is not required. Nor are photos. Only to focus on the beauty of the sunset and the love of my companions. Their energy matching that of the sun, as we sit in silence, each contemplating the meaning of the moment and warm embrace that has been created. I begin to reflect on the simplicity of the moment and its tremendous power and influence over my well being as a human being. Reflecting on the beauty of the colours on the horizon. Reflecting on the love that brought us together to share this moment. A moment that will never happen again. A moment frozen in time forever. But only if we pause and silence the noise of the day. The noise we create in our heads as we buzz through life. A moment as important and impactful as anything we can experience. Watching the sunset is always a deeply satisfying experience. Watching it in silence with those you love is spiritual. It’s transformational. It changes you if you allow it to.

Slow down. Breathe. Connect. Love.

Joe Danis

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