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Be a dreamer, be proud

It was my father that filled my young eyes with dreams. It was my green village that lured me to be a dreamer when I was a child. Every time when we had been on a walk, my father would often say to me “be a dreamer! be proud!”

I had everything around me – good food, good clothes, good shoes, a good house, good parents, and choice. So, there was no struggle to be a dreamer. I was proud too. But it was such a comfortable state of life, that it prevented me from realizing the true meaning of having a dream and becoming proud.

Life is something you have to go through and experience both the ups and the downs. All of a sudden, the comfortable state of living was over and I had a period of downs in my life. I experienced downfall and started struggling in my day to day life. Every day I had been falling apart and dying. And only then I realized that I am a dreamer without having a dream. I am proud actually for nothing. I am an incapable person to take any action against the odds in life. I decided to fight it out, to fight my incapability. While I was struggling for my survival, to save my existence, to protect my dignity – I realized the meaning of life. I asked myself, if I can’t bring change in my own life, if I can’t uphold my own dignity, how is it possible that I will work to bring change in the life of another? I struggled for change, I focused on my action. I let my voice to be stronger for myself as well as for others. Eventually, I overcame the odds and I found what it meant to be a dreamer, what it meant to be proud.

Working for a better world is my job; to be part of this is my action of love. My profession gives me chances to work for bringing positive change in the lives of those that truly need it. My participation in that change making process may be on a very small scale, yet I am proud to be part of this.

When I need to take a break from the tedious life, I keep myself engaged in shaping words. I enjoy playing with words and giving them a brand new look! Sometimes it comes in a shape of small story, sometimes a poem. Sometimes it’s about love and life; sometimes comfort and conflict; and sometimes pride and prejudice. Although that’s not any overwhelming creation, I love to write. That keeps me calm and confident. That gives me pleasure! That’s me! That’s Sabrina Sharmin.

I Destroy You

I repeatedly Ignore your touch Your desires. I ignore Your fierce looks Your arrogance.

And then … I become the Goddess of ocean The winter-storm, fire from the hell I am Athena, the Bellona I destroy you. I come to destroy you.

A Pure Man

The town says, nowadays You don’t find joy by falling in love, You don’t tremble in pleasures with secret lover, because I am not with you! Your playful hair is still neatly brushed, Your blue shirt remains so unloved, because I am not with you!

The town says, nowadays The forbidden fragrance has gone, The poisons of your charm has gone, The kring kring melody of your night phone has gone, The mysterious warmth of your voice has gone. All the forbidden pleasures has gone, as because I am not with you!

No cigarette burns your masculine lips, No garland spreads beauty on your wrist, because I am not with you. I am not with you, and so Everything has stopped around you.

For God sake! The Town says, nowadays You’ve changed a lot. For God sake! The Town says You become a Pure Man, only when I am not with you!

Sabrina Sharman

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