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Congratulations, Katerin!

Katerin is 19 years old and lives in the community of San Rafael, across the river from the school in Caserio El Escalon. She has completed high school but currently works at home helping her mother as job opportunities are scarce in this region. Katerin has hopes and dreams like any 19 year old. She has a strong desire to continue her education and one day start her own business. Katerin’s vision is to open a cyber-café in her community to not just serve as a means to generate income for her family but to also provide a valuable service and resource to the youth of her community. Growing up and living in a community where there is no internet or computer access, Katerin understands first-hand how important this resource is to furthering one’s education and learning in general. As part of our first ever cohort of students, Katerin was one of 29 youth from the communities of San Rafael and Caserio El Escalon to attend courses at a local technical college in Sonsonate called Agape. Through her efforts, Katerin was awarded a certificate for the completion of an 80-hour course in Microsoft Excel 2013. We want to wish Katerin all the best in her future endeavours and congratulate her on this incredible accomplishment! She is an inspiration to us all as she illustrates the value of education and a willingness to never stop learning and growing. Well done Katerin… keep shining your light! Unum... one cause. one community.

Joe Danis

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